Introducing …bea!

Welcome to our site, we are so glad you have joined us. We’d like to tell you a little more about Ballet Embody Academy

The seed idea of founding of Ballet Embody Academy traces all the way back to 2016, when I retired from dancing professionally, and began to focus more on teaching ballet. I had taught ballet classes since I was 19, but now that I didn’t need to worry about myself, I was able to submerse myself fully into planning classes and teaching with an eye only for the students themselves, collectively as a class and individually as very different and special humans. These initial years after retiring helped me to become a much better teacher than I was before, because I now only had one goal: to teach ballet in a way that suits each and every student with the highest standards possible. This means, teaching ballet in a way that, regardless of level or body type, can be accessible to anyone who would like to learn it, without compromising the integrity of the technique and tradition of the artform. I continue to learn and grow as a teacher with every class I teach, and I hope to always.

In 2019, I co-founded Ballet Embody, Maryland’s premiere professional contemporary ballet company. Over the next few years, I directed and choreographed for the company, while teaching at a dance studio, as well as giving countless private lessons. By 2021 the idea of BEA started to Blossom, and we opened September 10th, 2021 hosted by Synergy Space in Westminster, Maryland.

Ballet Embody Academy strives to nurture more than just a student’s technique, or even a student’s artistry. We aim, by teaching discipline, self confidence, and mastery of a subject in an encouraging and positive way, to help any dancers that pass through our doors to become more confident and understanding humans as whole. And just as we want the performance aspect of ballet to connect with audiences and assist them in experiencing life and emotions through the medium of dance, so do we want our students to enjoy the deep self-connection that ballet can bring to our bodies and minds.